It has been said that the word Tumakuru is a derived from ‘Tumbe Ooru’ because of the profusion of a flower called ‘Tumbe Huuvu’ or because of a famous folk musical instrument belonging to the city called ‘Tamate Ooru’. Another story relating to the name is that since Tumakuru is at an elevation, during the governance of Cholas, the soldiers used to stand at the hills with an instrument called Tumaki to alert the people in the city of any eminent danger, hence the name Tumakuru. Tumkur district is known for the production of coconuts, called as 'Kalpataru Nadu'. Tumkur has been identified as National Investment and Manufacturing Zone (NIMZ). The mineral wealth of Tumkur is considerable; iron is obtained in large quantities from the hillsides; and excellent building-stone is quarried. Tumkur is home to 24 large scale industries with an investment of 911.42 crores and generating an employment for 6445 persons. Pongal is one of the most anticipated festival in Tumkur.

The major plantation crops of Tumkur are Coconut and Arceanut

Places to Visit

Siddhaganga, Turuvekere, Kunigal, Channarayanadurga, Siddarabetta.

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