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Location:   Bidar
Why choose us? is Karnataka's online platform, which provides business listing. Our website was launched in 2017 by TELCON advertisements Private Limited based out of silicon city Bangalore. Since then, we have put most of the company names, addresses and telephone numbers of over 3lakh+ data from 30 districts businesses of Karnataka at your fingertips. The updated information is verified, specific and is targeted to meet your daily need.

Search over 1000+ keywords for companies matching the type of business you need, or find the right business near you by searching for a company name.

Our services and covered in entire Karnataka, and will soon be reaching other states of India.

Business through internet is going everyday in India and this market endless. So don't wait. Avail this opportunity and add more millage to your business growth, you can post your business Listing.

You can also claim a website page with our site opting smart package offered by the company, with no domain or hosting charges, this will help you to promote your business and get more vigilant web presence.